I’ve accomplished much in the last couple of weeks.  I think things are finally starting to happen for me.  Hopefully that continues on the good path things are beginning to take.  It would be nice to cut a break from all the problems of rebuilding.  I mean, if nothing else I’ll be an expert in the process… but it would be nice to have a moment to look back and enjoy just how far I’ve progressed.

Monday I will have been free and no contact for 2 years.  It’s nice to look at all I’ve accomplished in that time.
All I can say is that he can choke on all of the hate he spat my way.  He was wrong.  I’m better without him.  I’m worth more then he ever claimed.  He has no power over me anymore.  Even the PTSD nightmares have all fled.

It’s not nearly enough or done yet, and it’s been a long and difficult road but I’m finally getting there.