I wonder…

Along your healing journey you’re bound to come accross “empaths versus narcissists”

well I have no clue if that is how we should refer to it, there are some of us that definitely feel emotions others seem to lack… so I wonder..

and it led me to consider the following in my musings…

As an INFJ personality type, I like to educate myself and learn all I can and then think on it… I wonder how many INFJ’s opt to not speak their observations but I think sometimes our insight might benefit a world that is often not ready to listen… often because we don’t have the diploma they feel we should have… and again I wonder how many INFJ’s even reach this level of insight because I have not seen too many INFJ’s let alone any who openly put out their ideas in written word (except maybe daily things on facebook)

and so I wondered this morning…

” I wonder if narcissism is an over-compensatory sense of fight or flight mode caused by early trauma… I wonder if your hippocampus shrunk too much early on, your Amygdala grew overly big to compensate, and my kind somehow recovers / fights it while your kind does not… the exagerated PTSD and C-PTSD effect…

I mean… many empaths have dealt with narcs early on, be it parents, family members or outside narcs (school bullies as early as day care, peers and sometimes even a teacher)

in early childhood, when the brain is first forming, then it would set how the brain is wired and it would take your kind a lot more effort to recover especially once adult since the brain is set in it’s wiring at that point… so children could still be nudged out of it (increasingly difficult as they get older) while adults would be very difficult to treat as their brain is resistant to alterations on wiring…

ah the joys of neuro science.. which I know nothing of btw…

would that not be something if that were the case then narcissism could be “cured” or prevented,

LOL but what do I know?”

I just tend to make connections other folks never make which has been a wonder to me that no one else makes them… In any case, maybe this will get someone who has the proper degree of learning to think on it and maybe research this, though I hate to think anyone would become “a guinea pig” to experiments, I also think that if the solution were this simple then we could cure a lot of the abuse this world is full of…

I’m not one of those folks that are happy deciding what’s ethical and morally right… I have my moral compass and sometimes the answer is not black or white, it is a shade of grey that we cannot easily define as right or wrong… not my place to decide it at this time either… but the idea is out there now and people should decide for themselves if they would like to be studied or not…

choice… I am always all about choice… because I know what it’s like to have that choice taken from me… but we are humans, we have choices even when we don’t think we do…//

enough philosophy about neuro science and the human condition 😛

back to my life and struggles…
or back to yours if you look at it from your side of the screen 😀


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