World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day

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oh, right…

you’ll also need to have a skin TB test (tuberculosis)…

and make sure all of those fall within the time limits given by USCIS/immigration

because if not, you’ll need to have them all re-done…  and it will slow down your process and it may not be covered by insurance… among other issues…

A few more resources for you…

today I am dealing with the here and now…

my problems not his or because of him. I am free to focus on me and my own future as well as my son’s.

This upcoming week, I will be getting my immigration physical done.  I’m a bit chuffed that the blood tests I did that were covered by my insurance somehow got lost.  I am waiting for the second-attempt at having them done/covered by insurance but they said a week and it’s been longer and I sent a message but have not heard back.. they are notoriously slow – inept and I feel I will have to establish some boundaries there if they can’t do their jobs.  It feels… tiring to me… I will discuss my options on that one.  I don’t have the money to have them re-done out of pocket… it’s ridiculous that a professional lab lose test results or even the blood samples… not sure which got lost where exactly… I never planned on feeding this many actual vampires… at 3 blood vials per visit and my blood vessel bruising right after they stick me?  There’s liability in there somewhere.

those in my situation where they  have to get this done later on should attempt to save about $200 USD and still try to get them covered by insurance.  They include the actual visit ($100), 2 blood tests (around $35 each) and a tetanus shot (about $15).  You also have to be able to prove you’re immunized against all major infectious diseases…

and then you have to find transport for morning appointments that may not be in your area… transport can cost a bit… depending if you’re brave enough to ride a bus, if you prefer a cab or other transport… this is not seen as a medical necessity and so would not be covered by medicaid cabs…

i’m anxious about it… I will try my best as in everything else… I feel like my short term memory is being punched with a hole puncher, I have gotten the fog to clear some and I am battling dissociation a bit still… the nightmares are gone, everything to do with the ex is no longer troubling me but the effects of the trauma linger and by the end of this coming week I should be back to my maiden name, as if he never existed.

I am not yours, see? I never truly was despite your sad attempts to force me into becoming your slave.  I am proving it to you.  I only belong to my own self.  You have no more power over me, if you ever had any really.

meanwhile here are more healing information sites that may help you

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beware of this one as it may increase the abuse you are getting, in my case it made it much worst, but it also made him slip and allowed me to get proof of the abuse… so no regrets but I knew there were certain lines even he would not cross in order to protect himself  so I felt some safety in standing up to him and when that safety crumbled, I had the means to leave but I caution you because these individuals seek revenge for every slight, even if not real, anything they perceive as a slight or attack on them causes them to go on a rampage and hurt you more and more so use with caution  These are the 7 things that terrify narcissists to their core

honestly?  I kinda laughed at this one… there are not 3, they ALL ARE full of narcs… does that mean not to use them? that’s up to you but it’s good to be aware that they all contain a LOT of narcissists and to protect yourselves accordingly – thankfully most of them have ways to block folks.  THIS is the perfect time, if you plan on dating again (personally I’d enjoy my newly recovered freedom for a while and avoid dating sites, but that’s me and you are not me) to go back and look up cyber safety documentation and learn how to not give away too much info… in fact I would keep a low profile and just browse other people’s profiles and try to see who might not be a narc…  3 Dating Sites to Avoid That are Crawling with Narcissists

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