I should explain

first, if you have known me by this online name you will find that I have not been Ali in years now… longer then even I thought I’d left her behind… So I wore her skin a bit longer then I should have but that gets complicated…

so explanation on the last post… only let’s put forth one thing… the blog is there, there is info on it on my personal situation though I try to keep that to a minimum right now, knowing that too much info isn’t a good idea… maybe at some point it will be and I can post my years of torment but for now, the stuff I post he could identify himself on, but very few others could…unless they were some of the folks we interacted with online… but unless he finds my blog and decides to identify himself, then for now he cannot say I’m slandering him because I’ve posted no real names on here and barely any info…
really only enough info for him to recognize himself (maybe) since he might not even be the only one that has done all these things.

that said, during our golden period he had convinced me to be submissive to him and yes naturally I can be.  That said, as he found out, I can be very feisty when needed.  Only “submissive” turned into “slave” online… and he mistakenly thought that would translate to real life/ offline… but that is what Ali (alika/alika~kadri) was… his slave… as he was trying to turn me.   It translates as “most beautiful destiny”… and although I embody a most beautiful destiny of my own now, there is nothing in it he owns anymore, nothing of me is his any longer as he has proven he could not cherish such a gift as I was offering him.  Submissive I might be, to the right man, but he was definitely not that man.

So you may be judging right now but I was young (19) and naive and curious… something I no longer am.  So if you judge me on it, remember that I am no longer that person, if I ever was at all.  I’ve learned much on gracefulness and that I don’t regret at all.  I’ve gone to the depths of myself and came back, I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong in taking very good care of those I care about.  There is no shame in me and so I freely admit to having gone there at one point.  It’s romanticized and never true slavery but he’ll never understand that and very few ever do, be they considering themselves dominant or submissive… even if they claim themselves a slave, it’s not.  There’s huge differences that they’ve no clue on.

And in that lot, all the abusers hide waiting… very few are true dominants who respect and even truly cherish a gift of submission but instead lay all the abuse they can on the other person, abuses they did not agree to.  So very few of those partnerships last, because very few of it is not romanticized to match a skewed idea or “partnership”…

I don’t mean to slander the BDSM community, but it cannot be denied that wolves hide among them waiting to ambush those who have vulnerability.  The self-policing that used to exist has fallen behind and is no longer protecting those entering the lifestyle either because they’ve been told they’re submissive, have noticed that trend in themselves or are simply curious about other lifestyles…or, like me, those brought into it because they fell in love with a wolf…

So for a long time even within the abuse I have not been “Ali” formerly “ali”.  I capped that “A” pretty early on when it was clear it was being used to abuse me and disrespect the gift I was offering him.  And for a long time I’ve been something *other* then that.  I’ve learned much of who and what I am and am now able to give a name to what was done to me and how it did bring me to a greater awareness of myself.



I thought he might have been a lesser narcissist but now I’m not so sure… a LOT of his behaviors were on purpose, he knew exactly what he was doing, from self-sabotage to clinging to his excuses, denying, blaming and shaming me… Not that telling the level of his issues changes any of it or helps in my healing at this point… he has done what he has done and has been aware of it/planned it except when I would infuriate him enough for him to lose control at which point he would simply react to the anger, to the narcissistic injuries I would cause by calling him out on his behavior.

What I see is that many cling to an addiction in order to come up with excuses for the abusive behavior…
my ex had a porn/sex/stripper addiction he claims is a gambling addiction to explain where the money goes missing… only I know better…
what he has, though, is the most annoyingly perfect excuse in the world… a medical condition he milks for all it’s worth.  He gets away with so much because of that it’s sickening.
He of course self-sabotages to keep it going, uses it to draw pity from potential sources of fuel, and has doctors completely fooled.  Meanwhile he’s supposed to stay away from caffeine and take meds… he has not been taking his meds other then to start using them as self-sabotage tool, i.e. stop meds cold-turkey to cause himself issues, take meds he knows he can blame for anger issues, drinks the most caffeinated pop/sodas (i’ve witnessed up to 4 liters in one single day though most of the time it was a 2 liter per week unless he wanted to cause himself a migraine on purpose).

I find the insight helpful to my healing but know it would be pointless to warn others, knowing I would probably not have listened while in love and in the golden period pre-marriage…  All I know is that he is no longer my problem and, though I do feel saddened for the women falling in his path of destruction and hope they wake up sooner then I did, I wash my hands of his entire BS, the scapegoating he has put on me, the lies he tells, etc.

I am now very much aware of my own worth and what I bring to the table in any relationship, hence why other then this blog, Ali is dead, transformed into someone Ali was never meant to be.  Life is flaunting at me my own worth at this point in my life and I can no longer deny it.

Resources part 6

yes… I know…there is a lot of information out there and these links of info just run on and on… be kind to yourself, take your time exploring them, bookmark them to look at later if you need to.  it’s a lot of information to digest, to wrap your mind around and to process.  keep in mind it took me months to gather these and Rome was not built in one single day.  Neither does healing take only a day to achieve.  read some, go partake of some self-care, muddle some things over if you want/feel like it, get some sunshine and fresh air, maybe listen to some music, take a bubble bath… let what you read sink in during hat time, and then come back fresh for more…

I’m also trying not to post a link twice but I’m having some issues with my bookmarks (now of all time, right? Murphy, Murphy, Murphy… you and your law) so I apologize in advance for any that get posted twice.

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because as a victim you may be stalked, even online, this might be very helpful.  If the narc hounding you is an IT person, you might have to go a bit farther to protect yourself online…

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More links/Resources coming up but 1st…

I’ll be adding more links for healing/knowledge resources in a moment but as I learn and heal from what I’ve been through, I sit here wondering and thinking and pondering a whole lot of things.

I came across many groups and many ways to look at my situation and similar ones.  I look at folks who make comments in their various stages of healing, some have recognized their inner strength and realized they did nothing wrong despite being made to feel guilt, shame and blame.  While others have yet to see those things, yet to grieve for a relationship hoped for but never fulfilled as promised, yet to unchain themselves fully from that person they loved, yet to realized that the one they fell in love with never existed in the vessel that was nothing but a skilled actor playing a fictional character.

Yet I sit here thinking that if it’s true the narcs in our lives have built thick and tall walls and hidden their inner child deep into an inner sanctum even they refuse to explore and look into for fear that the vulnerable center everyone of us has might be breached or contaminated or hurt… and that they seek to attack and destroy those of us who care more and feel more and are so very strong, then maybe it isn’t wrong of us to believe we could “fix” them, only there is a catch 22 to that proposition… that, if you wanna call us empath, super empaths (whatever, I never cared for labels but it can help define traits so let’s go with those terms).  That maybe we have it in us to heal /strengthen whatever is weak and broken and fearful within the narc and so they seek to hurt us to chase us off and prevent us actually healing them.

here is the catch 22… you cannot change/heal/fix someone who refuses to be healed/changed/fixed.  The first step would have to come from THEM… and that’s not going to happen.  Nor can we heal someone if we are wounded as deeply as we get wounded until we learn to keep and hold healthy boundaries.

It IS ironic that by injuring us so and seeking to hurt/destroy us, they end up forcing us to heal ourselves, acknowledge that we are strong and empowered individuals by the very fact that caring “too much” as some term it (I find myself disagreeing strongly with the “too much” label, and concluding that it’s not “too much” but maybe better termed “not appropriately” because we have not yet learned how to) gives us immense strength.   Somehow we are able to take years of abuse and turn it into healing of our own wounds.  We are given a unique chance to grow and understand how to be better at being what we are.

So I sit here pondering that if the timing was right and the first step was done by the narc (I know, not going to happen LOL) and they took the risk to open their inner sanctum to an empath that they truly saw something wrong with their behavior and stopped fearing destruction or change, that maybe it would be no different then a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and that they could heal in ways that would let them become strong empaths… so that in some ways they fear that change, they fear becoming us, they locked the emotions away somehow for fear of being hurt and dissociated themselves from their true self to prevent injury, essentially becoming narcs with their own twisted sense of reality and protecting themselves while seeking to hurt empaths only to force wounded empaths to heal…

yes I know LOL it makes my head hurt too…

so, as I sit here healing myself and putting a finger on this theory, and listening to all the laughter and criticism and “nah it’ll never happen” and “not possible” commentary, I can’t help but wonder if that is indeed what could happen and why they get high from hurting and overpowering us…

anyway… enough personal musings on things that are not plausible and back to resource sharing…

Resource part 4

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this is exactly what I had to come to terms with: he was nothing but a character played by a skilled actor

I fell in love with a man who did not exist; the reality for many survivors of narcissistic partners ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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How to help your children when their other parent is a narcissist

Living with C-PTSD Following an Abusive Relationship

nothing wrong with mani-pedis, if you can afford them, but I’m not much of a girly-girl so I figured other folks (guys maybe? women that are less girly? idk) might appreciate alternate methods…


17 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

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8 Things Cheaters Say – And Why They’re Bullsh*t

realizing that i’ve ended up with a LOT of resources/links/articles, and yes I do know many link to the same basic site but where one title may not apply to one person it may apply to another… while the title for another article on the same site might not…

I think i’ve reached my post limit for today LOL it’s letting me edit but not make new posts… and I’ve only scratched about half of the links I have to share… but I guess there’s plenty to look at for now… best to take time to sift through, read slow, take time, self-care in between reads/articles… it would be easy to get brain strain or brain tired… I know I feel that just seeing the amount of info I collected these past months…