i’m just going to leave this here

cuz..lots of yay & nay on the women’s march

lot of confusion too

what is it for?

that politicians (& males in general) can keep their noses out of women’s choices/rights – not to ask for more – no we might not all feel demeaned, attacked, oppressed by guys (certainly not all guys) & know some men respect & even value us & all we do, but some butt in where they’re not needed. we’re not all feminists. Nothing wrong with making the point that we’re not voiceless, however & we’re not subservient or toys for guys to abuse. we’re not a commodity.

now to this i will add: it begins at home.

father or mother:
teach your daughters to be respected & to not objectify themselves,
teach your sons to respect that girls have rights & are not objects/possessions for them.
teach boundaries & red flags of abuse.
teach your daughters to protect themselves.
teach your sons to speak up -maybe even step in – if they see abuse.
mind you, men ought to be marching too, abuse is more common for women but guys’re victims sometimes too
lead by example

for other country’s women: it’s not easy to change an entire nation’s mind set on how important women are to their people’s survival.

& please stop teaching self-entitlement to your children…

say no to them, say no more if they hissy fit until they stop hissy fitting. They should be strong with an opinion BUT not think the world owes them whatever they want – that’s what got us in the self-entitlement mess the country is in now…

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